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Our Mission

At Equalizer Health, our mission is optimization. We seek to promote and preserve the metro-Atlanta area's health, well-being, and performance with evidence-based, comprehensive services. Our product will be the highest level of clinical and performance care available with a commitment to empowering our clients through education, analysis, and implementation. We will work tirelessly to elevate the people of metro-Atlanta confidence in their health and physical capabilities. Whether performing pre-season biomechanical analysis to reduce the risk of ACL tears with the women’s soccer team or helping a 76kg weightlifter recover from hitting a new P.R. at their most recent meet, our commitment to excellence will speak for itself.

Our team

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Dr. adam holzwarth


Dr. Adam Holzwarth has made it his mission to research and utilize the most advanced and efficacious rehabilitation and performance techniques to maximize human potential.


His research fellowship at the world-renowned Shepherd Center in Atlanta, GA, gave him the tools to effectively evaluate, implement and analyze the most cutting-edge techniques related to the human nervous system.


Dr. Holzwarth’s six years of outpatient experience, working alongside nationally recognized orthopedic spine specialist, Dr. Plas T. James, has given him the expertise and resources to integrate this knowledge with the musculoskeletal system. 


  • Armstrong State University

    • ​Doctor of Physical Therapy​​ (2014)​​​​

  • Georgia State University

    • B.S. in Exercise Science (2010)​


PT, DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), COMT (certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist), CERT.DN (certified Dry Needling Therapist), SMT (Spinal Manipulation), McConnell taping/strapping, Connective Tissue Disorder Specialist, Chronic Pain Specialist

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