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empowering you for a stronger tomorrrow.

Personalized Physical Therapy, Pain Management & Performance Enhancement

equalizer health

At Equalizer Health, our mission is to be the cornerstone of your journey towards optimal health and performance for our Atlanta community.


Whether you're aiming to reach your peak performance or seeking relief from conditions like chronic pain, lower back/neck pain, headaches and more, our personalized treatment plans are designed to address them effectively.



meet the team

Dr. adam holzwarth

Adam specializes in orthopedic physical therapy. He has made it his mission to research and incorporate the most advanced rehabilitation and performance techniques to maximize human potential.

Dr. Holzwarth has ten years of experience including seven years in outpatient orthopedic spine care. His research fellowship at the world-renowned Shepherd Center gave him the tools to effectively evaluate, implement, and analyze the most cutting-edge techniques related to the human nervous system. 

When not working with clients, Adam enjoys spending time in his personal lab (gym) with his wife and two young boys. 


Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Dry Needling

Spinal Manipulation

"Given the right tools, every client can achieve complete control of their body and interactions with their physical space."
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What Our clients say

Jorge G.

Best Value

5 Recovery Sessions



Valid for 6 months

Until I went to Adam, I was told surgery was my only option. Adam figured out what was causing the pain and has literally changed my life. 
I would 100% recommend Adam to anyone who is experiencing any kind of chronic paiN.

Jett B.

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